About Hipp-e
With a career spanning 29 Years, and Known as one of the key people responsible for shaping the music genre Tech-House, Hipp-E, makes a return to music! Eric Galaviz aka DJ Hipp-E has a history deeply rooted in the music scene.  He is considered a Pioneer that blazed a trail for artist today. In his early years in Denver Colorado, He promoted some of the first underground parties and was resident to Denver’s legendary nightclubs, as his career grew he found himself traveling the globe and taking up new residence in California. 
Around this time he began producing music and shortly there after founded H-Foundation with like minded producer Halo Varga. The two had interstellar success with chart topping hits and also found themselves at the top of the global dance music scene, with releases top labels as well as creating their own labels. Soon The H Foundation Name became a staple in the music and landed them a residency for 8 years at London’s Iconic Club Fabric and saw the pair touring the world taking their new sound to the far reaches of the globe. 
After years of touring together and working non stop, the team of H Foundation decided to take some time off and separated. Hipp-E had started a family and wanted settle into a schedule more supportive of a stable home life with his family. Now after gaining balance at home and taking time off, With upcoming collaborative releases for 2022 and new productions with long time partner Halo Varga, Hipp-e returns home to the music world and has made his place in the history of music, and intends to build a new home in the Future of music!
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