About H_Foundation
H-Foundation is the legendary DJ and production duo, Hipp-e and Halo. Founded in the late 90s, Eric Galaviz (Hipp-E) and Brian Varga (Halo) took their West Coast house and techno inspirations and created a unique dub-influenced sound that transformed the music scene and helped birth today’s tech house genre. Tracks such as “Hear Dis Sound” and “Tonight” catapulted H-Foundation to the top of the music scene, garnering accolades from Pete Tong and Carl Cox, and landing a long-standing residency at London’s famed Fabric night club.

After years of success, the pair decided to part ways to focus on individual pursuits and life goals. But, in 2020, after years of personal and spiritual growth, H-Foundation is back together, rejuvenated and reinvigorated more than ever. Inspired by the same interests that brought these two friends together two decades ago, Hipp-E and Halo are in the studio again creating sophisticated, ground-breaking rhythms and sound. With the 20 year anniversary of the classic "Hear Dis Sound" the duo plans to re-release a limited double vinyl set with remixes by Livio & Roby, Roger Gerressen, D'Julz, Enzo Siragusa & Per Hammar. H-Foundation is poised to push forward the direction of there organic sound for years to come.
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